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Genbox Family History is a database, a research tool, a task organizer, a data analyzer, a chart producer, and a report writer. The user interface was carefully constructed to provide a lot of power and flexibility to the user while also being easy to use and uncluttered in appearance. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced genealogist or a professional, you will be delighted with Genbox Family History.

Genbox stores your genealogical data. Pictures and other multimedia can also be stored and linked to the related data items. It can help you organize your research notes and tasks. Special features make it easy to add your source documentation. The charts and reports are very flexible, providing many ways for you to format and present your data to others. An advanced search capability will help you find particular subsets of your data, which can then be used as a group elsewhere in the program.

Charts can be printed on any printer, including large-format printers or plotters for impressive color wall charts that will be the talk of your next family reunion. They can also be saved in JPEG or PNG format, so they can easily be shared with others and included on web pages. Text reports can be saved in Rich Text Format (RTF) or HTML so you can edit them with your own editor or upload them to the web.

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Genbox 3.6.5

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